Hello there, loves!

My name's CarlY Elaine.


I'm a Virginia native, currently residing in Charlottesville - the land of beautiful vineyards, killer breweries, and more hiking trails than you could ever hope to explore. I do my best to support my community here in C'ville, so I partner up with local businesses as often as I can!

I studied architecture back in my college days, which taught me about many different disciplines of design (but mostly taught me how to get blood out of chipboard). I also studied dance and theatrical design, which taught me about storytelling through different mediums.

My studio is wherever I happen to be when inspiration strikes - sometimes it’s at home, sometimes it’s in a coffee shop, sometimes it’s on the rambling streets of a historic city, and sometimes it’s in my parents’ backyard.

When it comes to my work, I believe in creating moments of connection and finding playfulness in all things. I think that the smallest details can often make the biggest difference. I aim to create work with a sense of humor, that captures the effervescent lightness of spirit that’s such a vital part of everyday life. That lifts people out of their day for just a moment and brings them into a place of joy, wonder, and unfettered enthusiasm…


I approach all of my projects with an open mind & heart, seeking to reflect the exact personality of you, my collaborator - whether you're a fledgeling brand working on defining yourself, or a sweet couple announcing the joining of their lives.

I want to tell a story - your story.