We take the creative, the technical, and the social elements of your online presence and combine them to make one awesome sales-driving cocktail.


We believe that digital media offers businesses the opportunity to interact with potential consumers in targeted and meaningful ways that nurture their communities - both physical and online. Through content marketing strategy & development, we empower small purpose-driven businesses to harness the power of digital media to serve their audience better and grow their business intentionally.


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We take a comprehensive approach to digital media & content marketing. To support that, we provide a combination of strategy coaching, creative content development, search engine optimization, and engagement funnel development. Marketing Services Β»


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Meet Carly

Tea-lover, doodler extraordinaire, amateur mixologist, digital marketing strategist, & graphic designer. 

With a multi-disciplinary creative background and a passion for helping purpose-driven businesses expand their reach, I started C.E. Studios to provide a full-service agency for small companies who are ready to start making their mark in their communities.


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