Digital Marketing


You've got an awesome message to spread, and an awesome product or service to promote. But we all know how hard it can be to translate all that you offer into pieces of content that appeal to and attract the right audience. Let us equip you with everything you need to build & maintain a strong online presence!


Creative Content Development 

Content is your best friend in making your online presence work for you. Social media algorithms are changing constantly these days, and you can't rely on tricks to boost your social media engagement or your SEO. It all comes back to having high quality content, driving traffic to your site.

We offer custom content packages to help your business succeed online. We'll provide you with a month's worth of content across three social media channels, PLUS blog & email content, for a flat monthly fee! You can rest easy knowing that you have a comprehensive & strategic content plan working for you and helping your ideal customers to connect with you.

 Packages start at $600/month. Contact us for more details!

CE Studios Digital Marketing Services social media blog email content creation
CE Studios Digital Marketing Services social media blog email content creation

Strategy Coaching Sessions

Between Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, LinkedIn, Pinterest, Snapchat, email campaigns, & blogging, we wouldn't blame you for feeling overwhelmed by it all! We have years of experience creating integrated digital marketing plans that combine & make the best use of each individual platform, all while building SEO.

If you want to gain clarity on how you should be using each platform as a resource for your business specifically, we'd be happy to schedule a strategy coaching session with you! You'll walk away full of ideas and feeling confident in your ability to put social media to work for your business!