Jessica norby

brand refresh, collateral design, web design

Jessica is a social media strategist who works closely with small business owners to clearly define and map out social media strategy. Through small group workshops and one-on-one consulting, she removes the overwhelm that many of us feel around social media strategy and makes it approachable and effective. She has a particular talent for taking complex ideas and breaking them down into simple, actionable, and dare I say fun pieces - all with the kindest, warmest demeanor. (And I can say that, because I’m one of her clients!)

Jess already had her core branding elements in place, but felt that they needed an update. So, keeping her existing logo and color palette, we gave her brand some more context by adding some custom monoline icons and geometric patterns that reflected her clean & contemporary vibe, with a slightly playful touch.

Because Jess was already comfortable working in Canva, and because she regularly creates digital resources & helpful graphics to educate her audience, we also set her up with some templates for PDF covers, pricing guides, and social media posts so that her digital presence could stay on-brand across all platforms. And speaking of her digital presence, we rebuilt her a new website from the ground up, incorporating a dynamic, layered feel that added some texture to her clean graphic elements.


Working with Carly on my brand expansion has been one of the best experiences I’ve had working with a designer. The process couldn’t have been more fun, detailed, and organized, and I feel like she absolutely nailed it with what I was looking for and wanted in terms of branding. I was able to stay in touch with her and see how far along the process was, every step of the way, with her use of Asana. The way she delivered the end-product was so well put together, and it makes me wonder how else I can keep working with her!
— Jessica

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